Our Managing Director

Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute

(Managing Director - The Kute Group)

The Inspirational Journey of
India’s Leading Business Woman

Today, Women Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life & communities as they have agreed and accepted the value and importance of women in Indian society. Nowadays, women have changed their role from person to personnel & family to society, which is possible only because of their empowerment. Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute strongly believes in women’s empowerment and forwarding the message as a mantra that if women come out of their comfort zone with a clear vision, they can achieve what they desire. The Driving Force Behind ‘the Kute Group’ Success and Fame Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute is one of those women, who stepped out of her conventional zone and created a prolific foundation that empowers women, especially focusing on remote area’s home-makers, to be uplifted and self-sufficient. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Symbiosis University and is an intellectual woman with exceptional quality of leadership & other management skills.

Over the last decade, being a prominent woman entrepreneur has steered “The Kute Group” & its subsidiary companies as a Managing Director. Her clear corporate vision and dynamism have thrived the entire group and established a strong impression in the Indian business community. Because of her remarkable leadership quality and administrative skills, the versatile woman entrepreneur has been bestowed with numerous prestigious accolades.

A Long String of Prestigious Accolades

Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute deserves to be honored & recognized as a ‘Successful Woman Entrepreneur and Trailblazer.’ Due to her collective conscience, clear object calculatively taking risks, perceiving the business outside standard processes ability and attitudes, she has absolute clear views about ‘The Kute Group’ transformation. The dynamic shepreneur is rocking in her endeavors, thanks to her tenacious and warrior attitude. She is genuinely a competent and firefighting woman.

Spotlight on prestigious awards:

Female Empowerment Award 2023

Sakal Idols Of Maharashtra 2022 Award

Woman Icon Of The Year 2022 Award

Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur 2022 Award

Recognized as “Business Women Of The Year 2021”

Featured in Business Today magazine

Lokshahi Pune Ratna 2021 Award

Idol Of Women Entrepreneurs Award 2021

Featured in "Top 10 Women Leaders in FMCG 2021" Magazine

Times Power Women West India 2020 by Times Group, India

Featured in "Women Entrepreneur India" Magazine

Featured in "Fortune India Exchange" as Influential Entrepreneurs

Globoil Asia Women Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Women Empowerment Entrepreneur 2019-20 by CNBC TV18

Women Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019, by Globoil Mumbai

Yashaswi Mahila Award 2018 at Shivai MBN Expo, Aurangabad

Krushi Mauli Award, Nashik

Citizen Of Marathwada Award, Aurangabad

The Importance of Family Support

However, Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute confirms that she won’t be able to achieve such feats if she didn’t have the support of her family. With their support, she has proven to be an asset not only to the company’s remarkable growth, but also in the life of other women, who really want to grow and change their life.

Focusing and Working On Set Vision & Mission

Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute firmly believes & asserts that every woman should follow their dreams and passion. Though it is difficult for common women to have sustainable development in their life due to dependency and such other reasons but Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute has accepted women empowerment as an agenda & executing it in a real sense step by step throughout the nation. She also firmly believes that women, who are meticulous and aggressive in the areas they decide to explore, will explore it beyond imagination by their courage and clarity in vision.
The influential shepreneur also opines that every woman has the ability to do anything they want to do if they have family support. And the best way to bring her talent forth is to educate, empathize and mentor them, so that they can trust in their own unique identity and capability. This will boost not only industrial productivity but also the nation’s overall productivity.

Carrying Out Social Initiatives to Improve Community

Apart from being an outstanding female leader and entrepreneur, Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute is also the managing director of “The Kute Group Foundation,” which focuses on solving social, economic, and environmental-related issues. Through this foundation conducts various charitable initiatives, helps economically backward children in education, contributes to orphanages and also contributes to various relief activities.

Inspiring Journey Continues...

Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute summarizes her journey as an unusual path with plenty of ups and downs - but each moment was acknowledged as a treasured gem and a lesson to be learned. Also, she believes that it is crucial to empower women to pursue their dreams, shape their unique identities and upload women’s contributions in the nation-building.

Empowering and Inspiring Women

She acts as a role model for women aspiring to progress in any sector and has through her dedication, hard work and contribution shown that women can lead any sector shouldering men equally and beyond.

Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute believes that empowering women is an empowering nation, that womanhood is something that must be cherished every day. According to her, each day should be considered as a woman’s day because if a woman is happy she can make the family happy by taking good care of the members and thus contributing to the overall success and development of the nation.


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